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FIFA 18 Updated - All in One With Ultra Graphics

FIFA 18 Updated – All in One With Ultra Graphics

owered by Frostbite, FIFA 18 blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds, bringing to life the heroes, teams, and atmospheres of The World’s Game.

Dramatic Moment
Score incredible goals in FIFA 18 as new movement and finishing animations unlock more fluid striking and heading of the ball. All-new crossing controls bring greater options to how you send it into the box. Whipped to the spot, arching deliveries, and pinged crosses to the back-stick will shake up your attacks in the final third.

Real Player Motion Technology
The biggest step in gameplay in franchise history, FIFA 18 introduces Real Player Motion Technology, an all-new animation system that unlocks the next level of responsiveness and player personality. Now Cristiano Ronaldo and other top players feel and move exactly like they do on the real pitch.

Name FIFA 18 Updated - All in One With Ultra Graphics
Size 30.08 GB
Date 20180206
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Team Styles
From tiki-taka to high press, new Team Styles put the most recognised tactics of the world’s best clubs on the pitch in FIFA 18. Enjoy more time and space to read the play through New Player Positioning, while improved tactics give players greater options on the ball as teammates exploit space and make new attacking runs.

Immersive Atmospheres
Authentic sun positions, cinematic atmosphere grading, signature pitch-side fixtures, on-pitch debris, club and stadium specific banners, adaptive commentary, and changes in pitch quality all come together to bring the most immersive football experiences to life in FIFA 18. Hear authentic chants as you attack, feed off the energy of new, high-def dynamic crowds and interact with your fans while celebrating

This update includes the following changes:

Added the following in FIFA Ultimate team:

New functionality to Champions Channel including missed shots and hidden timeline.

Addressed the following in FIFA Ultimate team:

An issue with the extra time display on the Champions Channel timeline.
An issue with locked EASFC catalogue kits on opponent teams in Squad Battles.
An issue where the crowd would have incorrect flags when the home team is wearing a certain kit.
An issue where a player could crash when watching a FUT Champions Channel match.
An issue where players could control the goalkeeper in FUT Single Player modes.
Changed Matches Remaining to Attempts Remaining in FUT Champions Daily Knockout Tournament.
Changed the Possible Points text in Squad Battles to Projected Match Points.
Updated loan player portraits in the EASFC Catalogue.
Visual improvements to some FUT item types.

Addressed the following in Gameplay:

Tuned goalkeeper reactions in certain situations.
Tuned down the difficulty for Amateur and Semi-Pro difficulties.
Reduced shot accuracy and slightly increased goalkeeper reaction times in certain in-game situations.

Added the following in The Journey Hunter Returns:

Icons in cinematic scenes to indicate the user-triggered action.
Triggered actions are: Personality, FIFA 17 Result, Match Result, Key Decision, Player Performance, Team Performance, Partnership Rating

Addressed the following in The Journey Hunter Returns:

An issue where the player could crash during a cinematic in Chapter 5 (PC only).

Added the following in Career Mode:

Added option to delegate contract renewals.
Allow users to renegotiate contract with a player whose release clause has been paid.

Addressed the following in Career Mode:

An issue where users could use a loaned player as part of a transfer deal.
An issue where Breaking News weren’t getting refreshed.

Addressed the following in Online Modes:

An issue in Pro Clubs where a player could return to an invisible lobby after a match.
Enabled the opponent indicators in online matches.
Improvements were made to the kit clashing logic.

Audio / Visual / Presentation Changes:

The color of the In game radar icons are once again based on the color of a team’s kit.
Adding this season’s authentic Bundesliga broadcast package.
Addressed multiple minor audio issues.
Improvements to the goal net animations.

How to Apply –

1.First copy Fifa 18 update 1 files to main Fifa 18 folder
2.then reapply steampunks crack (if you have applied before)
3.then copy Fifa 18 files to main Fifa 18 Folder

That’s it Title update 1 is applied and you are ready to play grin.gif

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