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Noor Jahaan (2018) Bangla Full Movie HD 700MB

Noor Jahaan (2018) Bangla Full Movie HD 700MB

When Noor (Adrit Roy) is saved by Jahaan (Puja Cherry) from being ragged in college, they strike an instant chord. But what happens when Jahaan’s mother Amina (Aparajita Auddy) – an influential political figure in the suburbs – gets to know about their love?

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College romance, camaraderie between friends, parents opposing – the film could have been a quintessential love story and stop at being that alone. But no, the director has a lot of ideas to crunch in. This do give the newcomers, especially the hero Adrit, a chance to dabble in different roles within one character. But for the most part he looks as lost as the script. And the audience is left guessing.

The film, which is touted to be a remake of Marathi hit Sairat, does use influences from more than one such story. There are some obvious Saathiya frames, what with the college kids running away to create their love nest in an under-construction building. They also get legally married. The biggest disjoint here is that they elope with a handful of clothes and are shown worrying over what to eat the next day while appear all-decked up in jewellery and shiny clothes for the registry. Not to mention the moments when they break into songs, here and during their college days. But they are so beautifully shot that you enjoy getting lost in the storyline.

It’s also Adrit and Puja’s pretty faces that add to the good in the film. Their innocent and vulnerable glances at each other during the initial days in college are unspoken yet eloquent. But the fact that the story starts with a rich girl-meets-poor boy angle and imposes a political ambience is unexplained. Aparajita Auddy has little to do and is wasted in the film.

There are many sub plots. A creepy gay character is unnecessarily introduced for a brief period when the couple lands in Kolkata. It’s more of a shock for the audience than for the suburban college kids. Not because the character is gay of course but because the light in which he is depicted. Then there’s a helpful-turned-revengeful police officer and Noor’s deviation from mainstream life. The gang wars, underworld mafia, life risk et al — all of this as the film borrows scenes and references from Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak to keep the dying romance alive.

The film depicts naivety with naivety and may seem like a one-time watch for naive college kids. The rest can give it a miss.

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